'What if' there was an artist who knew how to ease into a state of calm, stimulate you to a point of giddy excitement and empower you to shout your passions from the rooftop (or at least a quick 'I love you' drive-by as you cruise past your dream boat with your window down...)

Well, such an artist exists and she has inspired me to do a drive by, (#sorrylouistheroux) and now I'd like you to be inspired to do the same. Meet my wonderfully talented friend Natasha Rose Douglas. Local Royalty in my (adopted) seaside home in the UK, Deal, Natasha has been on the music scene for the past 10 years. She is a founding member with the folk and roots band 'Cocos Lovers,' (I'll be talking about them in a coming article soon too), as well as a choir leader in the community. But she is not just any singer songwriter, no. She plays the violin, the guitar and the SAW!

Yes. Take that tool off the tool wall, dust it off, and get some angelic tunage out of it! Well.. let Natasha do it, if you're anything like me, getting some DIY tunes can only end in one way...

Needless to say, this Saw-Master and incredible woman has just released her first ever solo album and I CANNOT get enough of it! Natasha asked me to write a review (link at end of post), and in amongst my professional research I have become increasingly spellbound by it's magic.

This album has my heart exploding into a thousand butterflies every time I listen! Regardless of where I switch it on - headphones in the sunny garden watching the cat / soundtrack on a long drive / backing track to everyday conversation and activities, I found myself more and more lost in its whimsical ways.

With a beautiful voice and such a talent for storytelling, her ability to use music to take you on a journey of love, loss, bliss and confusion is nothing short of poetic! With sounds of the sea hitting the shoreline at the opening of the first track, to a catchy ditty about the painful sensation of getting out of bed on a 'Monday Morning,' this album is a perfect sound track to ANY situation. A life-line album for sure!

Enough of me talking about it though, have a listen to it yourself and let me know what you think!

You can catch this brilliance here:


And you can read my official review here (review at bottom of the page): https://www.natasharosedouglas.com/singer-songwriter/

Till then, peace, love and island vibes, Hannah xxx

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