What is Hannah's Umbrella? Can you fly?

In short, yes. In reality as we know it... still yes. But, it's more like Buzz Lightyear flying. A jealous Woody said it's 'falling with style,' I call is 'being a badass who defies gravity.'

Yep. That sweet little drawing is me. An incredible friend and artist designed this cute little piece with a briefing to something of the effect of;

"You know how I have all my ideas and they span across many mediums? I'm bringing all their foundations together under one umbrella... Hannah's Umbrella. Could you do an animation of me holding an umbrella??"

Then, BAM!

She has even captured my little baby hair that always sticks out near my ear haha! Brilliant! For those keen to see other brilliance from this creative woman, check out her stuff on Instagram @sallyroserenner - do it, you'll be smiling from ear to ear.

So what is under Hannah's Umbrella and where did it come from?

With unwavering passions for art and storytelling, in all its glorious forms and mediums. With ideas and concepts constantly sparkling in front of me, I was scratching my head thinking "but which one, is Mr. Right?"

I mean, they ALL have their endearing qualities right?

Writing. Performing. Drawing. Painting. Singing. Music. Food. Healthy Living. Fashion. And so on. They're all incredibly fun right? I think so.

Then I realised, like you wouldn't choose a favourite child (I hope), well why not engage with all of them?! I mean it's 2020, so instead of waiting for the 'right' craft/idea/time/planetary alignment, I'm just going to make the journey itself a piece of art itself.

See the interesting thing about it is that the trendy quotes flying around these days are right. It really ISN'T about the end goal. It's about the journey.

Within the journey is the medicine, the story, the art.

And Art is more than a bit of paint and one ear....

Vincent van Gogh (1853 – 1890) Self-Portrait with Bandaged Ear, 1889 Oil on canvas, 60.5 x 50 cm © The Courtauld Gallery, London

So as I play with all the incredible ways to create and tell stories, I want to take you on the ride with me. I want to introduce you to the what's, the why's and importantly the who's, of this Umbrella adventure - to help you embrace the creativity and expression in your own life.

Oh and I am pretty obsessed with lifestyle and health hacks as well, so I'll be gushing over the things that are making me feel super-human and better-than-well too.

Oh AND, I also love traveling - be it far and wide or close and narrow, so I'll probably take you on a walkabout soon too.

Me casually on a walkabout in the Melbourne Mountains. Yes I walk with my wings out. Don't you?

There is an Art to taking care of The Self, to sharing and learning from The World and there is Art to living.

And that, ultimately is what Hannah's Umbrella is about. Bringing all your passions, your fears, your curiosities and your knowledge together and sharing it with the world as your own unique expression, in the kindest, funnest, healthiest way you can.

I say it's the journey and the art that is medicine because right now, more than ever, we need art and empowerment in our expression.

It's art that changes the world and evokes strength, vitality, fight and love in people.

Artwork by Banksy.

On that note, I will leave it there. There'll be other insights and behind the scenes posts, but for now, this is where you are, this is what I'm offering, this is me and this is my love *sloppy kiss.*

If you have anything you'd like to share, or something you'd like to ask, or something you'd like me to talk about - shout out.

Till then, sunshine, bear hugs and crayon etchings,

Hannah xxx

Ideas? Thoughts? Curiosities? I'd love to hear from you! 

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