*Drumroll* and the word of 2020 is..!

BRAVE ! ! !

Well. It's my word of the year anyway. Do you have one?

What do I even mean by "word of the year"?

"a word that you lean on as your compass for interaction, insight and decision making"

Yes, it is EXACTLY like a mantra.

"The word mantra is derived from two Sanskrit words—manas (mind) and tra (tool)"; Susan Moran

Where a mantra is a 'tool for the mind,' this 'tool' is a specific word that really focuses in on exactly what I want to bring into my year, or something I'd like to work on in myself.

(You're right. The cat has nothing to with this post, but... I couldn't find a GIF I liked. Plus, who's to say I don't want to bring more sink slouching & tap tasting into my life?)

But I digress. So this mantra, this word of the year is used all the time. Not just where you'll commonly find mantra usage (e.g. chanting, meditation, some therapies), it's used in between all those specific times.

You know the times I'm talking about.

The times when you;

  • drop the lunch you were REALLY looking forward to on the floor

  • when you're trying to make a decision that's really got you troubled,

  • you're using all your restraint when dealing with someone who's grinding your gears

Put simply;

any time you become jarred in your thoughts, or 'short circuit,' lean on your word of the year.

This is how mantras work, through repetition over time and for extended periods of time, the mantra settles in the mind and body, creating new neural pathways and eventually becomes your default way of thinking/being/attracting.

Don't just trust me on it, scientists have studied the power of mantras and the repetition of words both internally and externally, read this for a great bit more info on this topic!

Personally, my word last year was 'Love.' And by golly, talk about an uplevel of everyday living and existence! Honestly, when love becomes your default thought and feeling, whether you're feeling annoyed, confused, frightened or a bit numb, there's a gorgeous sense of calm that just settles in your head, heart and belly.

After a year of focusing on love, I don't even have to think about it now, it just naturally kicks in! The neural pathway has been uncovered and now I'm always on the road of looooovvve!

**Please note, it's not that I didn't feel love before, I just knew that it was something that I needed to focus more attention on. And to be honest, regardless of your location on the Love spectrum, we can ALL give a little more and receive a little more! Okay. I'm off the soapbox now.

Now for the the big question. How do you figure out what your word is?

It might be really obvious to you, you might be really wanting to bring some 'confidence' into your world, to help you move through your world a little less stressed and nervous.

Maybe you've spent your past year, two years or entire life as a tightly wound stress ball and you need a bit of 'calm' in your life.

Or maybe you've realised that you've been living in an internal and external state of lack - be it money, love, good coffee. So now you want to bring a bit of 'abundance' into your days and nights.

If you're not sure, or if you think there are SO MANY THINGS YOU NEED IN YOUR LIFE BECAUSE YOU'RE TURNING 30 AND HAVING A MIDLIFE CRISIS, then, firstly, chill out and maybe don't have the coffee.

Secondly, just ponder on it for a couple of days. The word will present itself to you - as it did me. I actually thought I was going to adopt a phrase for this year, 'ease and grace.' "Yeah, I could always do with some more ease and grace in my life, that'll do it!"

And the Universe said;

Nope. I was not going to be trendy and have a phrase.

As I discovered (and by discovered I mean "as it was slapped in my face and stalked me"), my word was to be 'Brave.'

It came up in conversations, it came up on podcasts, it was in lyrics of songs, printed on various mediums, was the brand of the cardigan I'm currently obsessed with and is even the studio that I am currently studying acting with!


Tricky old Universe. Just as I am getting myself into a myriad of situations and happening upon SO many opportunities, I truly do need to remember to be Brave this year!

(I wish my hair was that bouncy)

So, what is your word for the year? What do you need more of in your life?

With love, a big smile and a deep breath for Bravery,

Hannah xxx

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