Curiosity did NOT kill the cat!

In fact it made the cat far more interested, interest-ing, and was always the catalyst for it's incredible adventures.

Somewhere between our parents telling us to stop staring at people on the street as kids, and avoiding striking up a conversation for fear of being a 'creep,' in adulthood, we lose our confidence and resolve in being Curious.

As kids it's accepted as we learn how to walk, speak and taste different kinds of playdough #salty, we are curious about the world and students of life at that stage.

Then school and life progresses and we go from having the freedom to explore our environment, people around us and even ourselves, to restricted to the ‘curiosity’ (aka syllabus) of the courses we study or the ‘employee handbook,’ gifted to us alongside our ‘welcome pack’ pen and company embossed notepad on our first day of work.

The ‘Curiosity’ we’re now permitted to explore is generally accessible and acceptable from around 4 places;

1. Our own home with the blue light glow of the computer or phone screen beaming on our face as we travel down the wormhole of YouTube ‘next-up’ sequences;

2. The packaged up stories given to us by the news on TV and on-demand web pages;

3. The pre-paid, pre-organised 'cultural experience,' the bus stops off at on your 10 day Bali trip;

4. Or, finally, the not-so-accepted, extra courage we find on a night out at the local disco. (Yes I said disco - bring on the funk tunes at dawn! #getdown).

Of course, this isn’t everyone, there are some whose life is comprised of curious adventures and explorations, but if you are one of these people and you’re reading this, you know a Curiosity Cave-Dweller don’t you?

Whether it's you who have lost the freedom to be curious or you know someone who has, I IMPLORE you to rediscover it!

Let your curiosity run wild and lead you on adventures!

Let it motivate you to ask that person on the train where they're going dressed as a wizard, let it inspire a new interest or hobby in dreamcatcher making, let it draw you to new countries, new cities or just a new corner of your local town!

Let Curiosity become your friend as it opens up doors, places, conversations, ideas, and even friendships.

Curiosity is one of the foundations of being a conscious being - ALL animals are curious, and though you might forget it as you stress over time-sensitive emails, YOU are an animal too. SO GO WILD!!

As you pursue the ideas, places, and concepts that inspire you to learn, you learn about yourself, making you a more well rounded and balanced human.

What does a balanced human look like?

Yes. Jared Leto.

The most balanced of all humanity.

If we were all to explore our Curiosity, as well as our Creativity and Culture/s, and we ALL became balanced humans, meaning we ALL became Happy, Calm, Kind & FUN, what would that look like?

Holy shit. The world would be one beautiful, clear-skinned and loving place!

Love and patchouli oil,

Hannah xxx

Ideas? Thoughts? Curiosities? I'd love to hear from you! 

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