Aussie Bushfires : Ways to help that aren't just $$

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If you're feeling overwhelmed by the news and the current state of heartbreak happening across Australia, fear not. There IS a constructive and solutions focused way of looking at this, so don't be disheartened!

I was incredibly overwhelmed as I thought to myself, "Right, my country is burning. What exactly can I do right now to give the best help I can offer?" Sometimes, money isn't an option to give, or you want to do something more.

So what else can do we do?

There are a LOT of things happening right now and ways to help, that it can all be a bit overwhelming and confusing, so I just wanted to list a few links and simplify things for you.

Please note that this is a long post and by no means am I choosing only specific sites - there are LOADS of options and ways to help, it's just as I looked for myself, I wanted to share the information to you too.

It's split into headings, so have a scroll and see links there to take you to the right information/groups that you can send to. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------


Money is the big one of course, so let's talk about this one first and foremost before I get to the other options. It is the energy source that will help EVERYONE involved. So if you've got even $2 to spare - you can post it on over to one of these guys


Bed/Shower/Land/Anything Space or Person to Person or animal related;

There are a number of ways to do this, sharing what you've got on socials is an efficient way to get your message out.

But if you don't want to put it on socials but have something to share, these sites have put together an easy-to-use registration for this sort of thing.


Make stuff;

Can you sew/crochet/knit? Get going! Look at your local area for a place to drop the goods off, if you can't find somewhere to send it specifically, you can send it to me and I will get it to the right people.

Hannah Sainty


Here are some sites that offer some patterns, measurements and info on what to make, why to make and how to make pouches for orphaned joeys, mittens for scolded koalas and bat wraps.


Make food for wildlife;

As the lucky and resilient beings who have survived begin to emerge from hiding, they will need food, water and a caring eye. It's imperative that we notice little beings and what their state is. If you come across an animal that looks distressed/injured/shocked report it to your local wildlife rescue group and do your best to find ways to look after it. Depending on your area there will be a need to start making and distribute food for animals and birds in the desolate land. A reminder though, our wildlife can't eat just anything, so please ensure that you're making the right foods. Look to Wildlife Victoria for recipe ideas, they even have a bird specific document to go through. Australian Geographic has some food option ideas for our bats; Also check out local wildlife groups who are distributing the foods - look to Facebook and Instagram for your locals.


Go to an event/fundraiser;

There are so many incredible, wonderful gigs, fundraising events and even small businesses donating a percentage of their profit to the causes.

You can find these by checking out your local live music centres or just scrolling through your news feed I'm sure! Heck, I bet even Bunnings has something happening that will help!


Buy Books

It is a bit of a random one, but fantastic in creative thinking. Authors are offering signed books that you can bid for, with 100% of the proceeds going to the Firemen.


When it's all a bit too much.

I know that it can be overwhelming when it's all the news is talking about, all that socials are talking about, all that anyone, anywhere is talking about. And you know what? It's okay to not have the capacity to watch/read/talk about it. YOUR personal world is still moving and that doesn't stop. So before you start over-thinking and overwhelming yourself with guilt, thinking "I need to do more, watch the news more, etc," just remember this;

Without your own health and wellbeing, you can't be any help to anyone.

So take care of you first and foremost.

If all you have the capacity to give is a smile to someone who is looking down and out - that's magic.

We all have to do the best we can, with what we've got <3

With a big hug and big smile for you to have a beautiful day, no matter WHAT you're experiencing,

Hannah xxx

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