5 ways to survive the Apocolypse

Tips, Tricks and Backflips as to how to come out of this even better than before!

So you’re stuck in your house.

You might be in your pj's.

Or you could be in your workout gear, in an attempt to make sure you work out later this afternoon because you slept in today. #weekendvibes

But there comes a time, usually somewhere between 1 pm - 3:30 pm where the cosy, cheeky, exciting feeling of being able to have more couch time gets old. Before you know it, you start to feel like a hermit, who is forgetting the language of the outside world and what your hair looked like BEFORE you were trapped in your own filth.

Of course, this mightn’t be the EXACT picture you’re living. I am doing my own version as I broadcast to you from my kitchen table, on a makeshift ‘standing desk’ whilst I roll about, balancing on a hoverboard. This is mainly because I am the first to get ancy when told to sit down and stay home. So I compromise.

Nonetheless, unless you really are a hermit (in which case, please teach us your ways of staying sane while trapped at home), here are my takeaways from living my currently limited in my life thus far….

Rest is good.

Genuine rest. Not just sitting on the couch to watch something, laptop at the ready and/or phone locked in hand.

I mean total presence with what you're doing. Watching a movie? Great! Watch every single frame. Reading a book? Amazing! Take notice of the images conjured in your mind as your imagination goes on the ride the writer intended for you. Having a cup of tea? Delightful! Taste each note, watch the steam dancing, acknowledge the warmth and texture of your favourite mug!

We're stuck at home with nowhere to be, so we might as well 'be' right where we are!

Mental Self Care is REALLY important right now.

Anxiety is running rampant right now, from fear of little bugs (that nasty C-word), to the lack of work available, to the changing world around us - moving at a pace we've never experienced before.

I can see why my own anxiety that's been kept in check for a long time, decided this last week was a good time to visit. If you're feeling anxious, now is not a good time to try running away from it, numbing it, or ignoring it. Hoping it will curl back up in the back of the psyche, isn't a strong choice for surviving the apocalypse. Personally, I've been doing something that I've not done in a long time... ACTIVELY REDUCING MY STRESS LEVELS and helping my 'mind' to chill the heck out.

What that looks like for me is; Sleeping well and deeply. Camomile tea, switching screens off 1-2 hours before bed, reading and journaling (to dump all my thoughts before they keep me up all night) works a treat!

Morning Ritual. I have a particular set of things I do upon waking. They help me to get me back in my body and out of dreamland, and ease me into my day. It's something that is not available for compromise on any normal day, so now it's only amplified.

If you need your coffee in silence in the back garden, or you need your shower to an 80s Spotify playlist to make you feel like you can face the day, you do you! Eating Well. That means not giving in to the refined sugars and carbohydrates that you're craving, as cortisol pumps around your body, bouncing on your frayed nerves. We need our immune systems to be fighting fit, and food is important for our mental health as well as immune system health. So, focus on whole foods, warm meals, and foods high in vitamin C, Zinc, and Magnesium.

Limiting caffeine. Oh, coffee. Coffee, coffee, coffee. Beautiful, rich, deeply satisfying coffee. Why must you perpetuate problems? You gorgeous minx. Anyone who knows me knows the relationship I have with this bean and it's a deep one, (get your mind outta the gutter). Alas, I've had to take a break from my bitter lover as I keep my mind and nerves in a gentle state. For now, I've swapped my morning coffee for a VERY strong roasted Dandelion tea. Bitter and delicious, a gorgeous thing. It's not coffee, but it hits the spot. Talking it out. Whether you need to talk about the stuff that’s going on in the world, or about how it's affecting you, or to just spout some Seinfeld references when returning home from the supermarket for some toilet paper, just say it out loud. Talk to your friends, family, pets or even your plants.

*** If you're needing extra help with this, there are a number of mental health groups that have opened their lines and sites for an added helping hand during this time. There's nothing to feel ashamed about, we ALL need therapy. We're complicated beings living in a VERY complicated world right now. If you need a hand, reach out for one!

It's a perfect time to get to know the self.

I'm the sort of person who has a squillion ideas. I have had so many business ideas, I swear I could be a trillionaire if I could have found the one that became my 'everything.' Alas. The life of a creative is like trying to herd cats. As soon as one idea comes, another one is just moments away and they're all 10000% viable and just as tasty!

With the world changing its colours right in front of us. Now is the most important and best time to truly discover the things that will make us feel fulfilled. Is the life you've been living up till now all that you were striving for?

Is now the time to start looking at ways to achieve the life you have really been wanting?

Or, perhaps you're absolutely loving life as it is right now, and you're just needing to ride out this storm - that's amazing too! What better time to look at the topics you’ve wanted to learn and research, or just hobbies you wanted to test out. Whether it's looking at ways to build the life you want, rediscover the things you used to dream about, or to start planning new ventures into creativity environmentalism or education - now is the time to dive in!

I know it's a difficult time in more ways than one for a lot of people right now. I am right there with you. But the only way to survive this. Be safe: mentally, physically and hygienically. Be calm: the most important ingredient in the immunity recipe. Be positive: nothing gets done when we're all wallowing in fear and negativity, so find the things that make you feel good, look for the silver lining and be kind. Oh so, so kind to yourself, to those around you and to the environment.

With love and a DIY all-natural hand sanitizer spritz,

Hannah xxx

Ideas? Thoughts? Curiosities? I'd love to hear from you! 

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